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millone® compact coffee grinder, stainless steel

millone® compact coffee grinder, stainless steel

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The "compact" is the slimmer version of the "definite" with a diameter of 50 mm and is therefore ideal for smaller hands and for taking with you or travelling. The filling volume is max. 30 g of coffee beans.

Attention: Factory set to grinding level 20 - ready for immediate use for e.g. Coffee-Pot (Bialetti).

Technical data:

  • Plastic-free, completely made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel case with wavy surface (design registered by millone® - thus protected and unique)
  • Professional, high-precision and hardened grinder precisely manufactured
  • Two stainless steel micro ball bearings ensure low-friction, centered and play-free guidance of the rotary axis
  • Lid made of PMMA GS
  • Sealing ring made of EPDM FDA
  • Twist Off screw cap made of tinplate with blueseal® seal
  • Collecting glass made of soda-lime glass
  • Knob made of local solid wood
  • Finely stepped, locking and reversible grinding level adjustment can be adjusted and read using a scale/dial
  • Grinding range includes over 80 extremely fine levels (25 µm) from superfine for Mokka/Ibrik to coarse for Karlsbader Kanne
  • One-time fine grinder settings possible, up to 80 clicks – each number 2 clicks (no more counting of clicks required)
  • Always with 2nd spare glass (filled with cleaning rice grains)
  • Direct from the manufacturer, designed in Germany, made in Europe

About millone ® :

millone ® is consistently ecological - durable, sustainable, valuable and harmless materials.

millone ® is consistently economical - valuable and reasonable price-performance ratio, durable and valuable, produced in Europe, can be dismantled and repaired.

millone ® is consistently functional - unique feel/grip, easy to use, excellent grinding results and unique fine adjustment, completely dismantled, easy and intensive cleaning possible with included cleaning granulate.

millone ® is consistently aesthetic - clear, functional, valuable, timeless, sculptural, unmistakable design influenced by the golden ratio without frills and with high recognition value.

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